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Comportamento / 28/07/2020

Pandemic immunity and emotional integrity: understand the relationship

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Pandemic immunity and emotional integrity: understand the relationship

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Taking care of emotions is a way to improve immunity in difficult times

That emotional balance directly influences the quality of life, everyone knows that. But what about immunity? What is the relationship between physical and emotional health and why is it important to think about it in times of pandemic? I invite you to understand more about the subject and how you can take care of yourself during this period.

Emotional integrity is harmony and awareness of one's feelings. Through it, you can achieve well-being and happiness in all areas of life. When our routine is affected, integrity is also influenced and needs to adapt so that your ability to regulate emotions continues to be exercised.

Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, involving social isolation and quarantine, the habits of people around the world have changed. With that, the feelings also became different - involving, mainly, fear and anxiety - and the mind had to adapt to new situations to stay healthy.

Girl lying in bed with closed eyes and sad expression

Photo of Kinga Cichewicz at Unsplash

But do you know how emotional illness can affect your immunity? When you are unable to strengthen your mind to prevent moments of change draining you of energy, chances are that feelings like stress and tension will become part of your daily life. This means that the production of hormones and substances in the body is unregulated and, thus, the body's defense cells are more vulnerable.

In this way, the imbalance becomes the “natural state” of the brain and the immune system is less effective. The body begins to respond more slowly to threats to the body and the possibility of becoming ill increases. Hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline - responsible for protecting the person - are produced in greater quantities and increased blood pressure, heart rate or rapid breathing become part of the routine.

So it is essential to develop emotional intelligence. This is a skill that increases our quality of life, as it regulates emotions and finds positive ways to express them. So, instead of repeating patterns of behavior without being aware of your own actions, you will gain control over what you do and use your feelings to your advantage.

Creativity at this point is essential. It is through it that you will be able to innovate in your routine and prevent negative thoughts predominating in your mind. After all, we still have uncertainty about when daily life will be resumed and what will be the “new normal” that we will live after the coronavirus. So, check out our article on “How to maintain creativity during quarantine?”.

Man with dirty hands of colored paints holding pen and brush

Alice Dietrich's photo at Unsplash

If your pace before the pandemic was accelerating, find ways to adapt, changing with each passing day. Your body and mind are connected and need to stay healthy and in balance for you to have well-being and harmony. Several factors influence your emotional integrity and they all need to be aggregated.

One of them is the relationships that we build throughout life. After all, the human being has as one of its main characteristics the ability to interact with others consciously, differently other animals.

Family relationships

Interpersonal relationships are a fundamental factor in our life. It is through them that we learn to evolve and exercise our ability to self-knowledge about the behaviors and feelings we have. The first group that influences the individual's identity, moral values ​​and personality is the family.

Through it, we learn how to express ourselves and which interactions are healthier with other people. In this period of the new coronavirus pandemic, this is the social group with which we have the most contact and, therefore, it is essential that it is in balance so that our emotional integrity and immunity are also in balance.

So, how can you ensure that family members are supportive of each other? Or that hyper-coexistence, caused by social isolation, is not a reason for disharmony and conflict? The first step is to rethink habits and routine - individual and collective.

Although the home is being more shared now than when each member left for their duties, such as work and school, it is essential that everyone has their moments of privacy. Exercising one's individuality is a very important factor for healthy group dynamics. Everyone should have their time for the chores and hobbies respected. We are in a period that demands more tension and, therefore, everyone must find alternatives to release them.

Siblings doing homework at the table

Jessica Lewis's photo at Unsplash

But it is clear that collective activities should also be encouraged.

After all, emotional integrity - and, consequently, immunity - depends on the bonds that are created and strengthened throughout our lives. Create family moments, like meals and even the division of tasks to keep the house in order.

Caring for the organization of the environment is a way of letting energy flow and harmonize and, if done together, can promote more respectful and synergistic relationships. Here you can learn some simple techniques for organizing your room to improve your sleep routine, for example.

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Communication is the key word to preserve individuals' emotional integrity in all relationships. If you want to avoid conflicts in the home or lead them in a healthy way, you should know how to express your feelings and discontent. In this way, the stress generated by fights can be alleviated and the routine is more balanced, generating a harmonious cycle of habits and behaviors in times of pandemic. In this article, you can check out how to improve your relationships through assertive communication.

Did you like these tips? In the coming weeks we will bring you some more on how you can take care of your emotional integrity and immunity during this time - and also prepare for the “new normal”. Self-care is essential to maintain yourself and filter the information that reaches you. In addition, you need to have control and knowledge about your own emotions and actions to make them more positive.

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