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Comportamento / 30/07/2020

The Ego is not a demon

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The Ego is not a demon

Fonte Eu sem fronteiras

Too much confusion about such a small word.

For some it has a meaning for others it has another. However, there is not much progress in dealing with that part that becomes inherent in our being.

Poor Ego, he is demonized. First we demonized the body, now it's the Ego's turn.

The Ego acts as it should. I am the one who must act differently, learning to discern what is up to each part of my being to take care of.

I am a being in the growth phase, so to speak. I carry customs an earlier stage. A simpler phase, in which I didn't need to worry too much, and a bigger being took care of all the choices for me. As in childhood. Yes, we can say that today we are in our teens, in pre-teens. The previous phase was childhood, simpler, without great responsibilities. Today everything changes, we gain new skills, our behavior changes, the world is seen with new eyes. Yes, consciousness expands and we begin to understand things that we didn't even pay attention to before.

And, certainly, this is a troubled phase. When everything changes we have to relearn new lessons.

Let's say that our Ego carries the world view of that earlier phase. Childhood (which can be understood by many as the animal kingdom). The Ego gains body and strength the moment that in our evolutionary line we gain individuality. It is necessary, since there we come to see ourselves as a unique being evolving to become increasingly unique.

So far so good. Ego takes care of everything and everything is going well. However, we entered a new phase. And at this stage, responsibilities begin to arise. We have grown enough to be able to understand more about what life is all about. And our individuality with the development of the mind gains many more capacities to impact the world around us.

With the mind we are learning to interact more actively with the environment.

However, we still carry much of the customs and behavior of the previous phase. In which what we did had no great impact on our surroundings, in which we had no responsibilities and followed our inner nature, which was to guarantee the life that was given to us.

We haven't realized what we are yet. Just like the teenager who still doesn't have the adult maturity and not even the same head as a child. What distracts the child no longer distracts the adolescent, but the adolescent still wants to maintain the behavior pattern of before.

So it is now. Our Ego is still necessary, as it is the interface of our individuality, but it is just that, to be an interface for the mind to differentiate and act as an individual in the world. It is not up to him to make choices and guide his behavioral pattern.

Perhaps in the previous phase he was more able to help you make valuable decisions that would guarantee your survival, but now you have grown up. It's time to stop fighting for survival and start living. Survival was important for the person to begin to value himself as an individual and maintain the life he was given. Now we must value the Experience, which is to experience this life that was given.

Let us then stop demonizing our Ego, just as we are endeavoring to stop demonizing the body. This is part of us and will not die. It will become something more, but the way to it is acceptance.

It is time to embrace the Ego and let it do its job. It's time to live, to leave the old patterns behind. It's time to experience what this phase of change teaches us and to know that IT'S ALL RIGHT.

Adolescence may seem complicated, but it is only because at this stage we do not have the necessary help, someone who guides us and knows how to show us exactly what we are going through. Someone to help us deal with the profound changes that happen within us.

But the phase passes.

Then accept help those who understand the phase we are going through as humanity. There are some here who understand this moment we are going through.

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