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Comportamento / 05/03/2018

الفقر والهدر المدرسي يدفعان آلاف القاصرات إلى الزواج بالمغرب

الفقر والهدر المدرسي يدفعان آلاف القاصرات إلى الزواج بالمغرب

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الفقر والهدر المدرسي يدفعان آلاف القاصرات إلى الزواج بالمغرب

At a time when we are talking about the millennium goals of sustainable development of the United Nations in 2030, Morocco still suffers phenomena that undermine the efforts of the desired development, including the marriage of 30 thousand minors annually, despite the efforts of the State and women's associations to fight this phenomenon, which is prevalent in the villages.

This raises the subject controversy in every occasion in Morocco, while receiving women's associations blamed the traditions and some of the implications of the Family Code, particularly article 16 for proof of marriage, as they are circumventing the content in order to legitimize the marriage of minors, through wire traditional marriage ways in complete secrecy that put the minor her first child and then the couple to sue the marital proven.

But it's not a simple phenomenon as a result of a rigid law is not Thianh 15 years ago, but we are faced with the phenomenon of overlap in the manufacture of several factors, including traditions, ignorance, poverty and school waste, and the lack of development and digest the rights of the child, and the lack of a real awareness that will effectively reduce this phenomenon.

Omar Saadoun, who is responsible for the fight against child labor program association "fairness", believes that the problem of marrying underage debilitating and associated with culture's heritage has long been considered that the fate of the girl is getting married, and added: "Most of the parents in the rural world sees that the future of every girl is getting married."

Saadoun said in an interview Hsebres, that the phenomenon is more prevalent in the rural world printed poverty and vulnerability, a resource that a number of parents to marry off their daughters resort at an early age as a kind of evasion of responsibility and reduce the burden of daily expenses due to poverty.

Saadoun said the operation of "justice" on the topic Association revealed that the spread of the phenomenon is often in the same limited horizon areas, and added: "These are often apparent in areas structures reception in educational institutions are not available, though available school is far away. We have noticed that a number of girls Thdhuhn a great desire to complete the study, but their fate is to marry at an early age. "

Saadoun added that it's not normal to marry as promoted, but by marrying the kind of coercion against the girl by the parents of affairs, and considered that "in this case should be applied against human trafficking law, because the phenomenon is remarkably widespread."

Saadoun said that the parents are illiterate are the other major obstacle to the fight against the phenomenon, and said that "most of them are not convinced campaigns, sensitization and awareness, but always the center in which they live and look at the group and to consider the subject of taboos that should be discussed not invoke".

Saadoun stresses that the realization of the actual development in the rural area is a critical factor in the fight against this phenomenon and said that the isolation and the absence of the role of student and educational institutions Jmaatih increases the consecration situation girls get married to recover at an early age, which often ends in divorce after years.

What work?

Saadoun believes that the solution begins to recognize the full rights of these children, dignity, education and health, as stipulated by international conventions ratified by Morocco, as part of educational curricula and continuous awareness campaigns through the media and the public.

Changing the law to be strict about preventing underage marriage is critical. Saadoun asserts that the laws must be accurate and does not allow spoofing, as is the case in which the family was granted a transitional period to prove marital code.

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