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Cultura e Mitologia / 14/09/2020

New Series: Beyond Chimamanda: 9 African Writers You Should Know - Part 6

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New Series: Beyond Chimamanda: 9 African Writers You Should Know - Part 6


1. Paulina Chiziane

Mozambique, 1955

Paulina was the first Mozambican woman to publish a novel, in 1990. The writer grew up in the suburb of the capital Maputo and actively participated in the political scene in Mozambique as a member of Frelimo (Frente de Liberação Moçambique). She left the movement in the 1980s to dedicate herself to literature, but continued to struggle through words. He had his first short stories published in the Mozambican press in 1984 and, in 1990, published, "A bala de amor ao vento", his first novel.

Paulina denies the label and novelist and defines herself as a "storyteller". "I am inspired by the stories around the campfire, my first art school", he says. In his books, he tells stories of women, loves, conflicts, politics and spirituality. It recognizes literature and words as an instrument for transforming reality.

"Slavery lasted for almost five centuries and liberation will last for centuries. Words are for building a new identity. Fighting for freedom is deconstructing lies built as truths. We have the word and we will use it to its maximum power to deconstruct lies built over time. centuries, "said the writer in an interview with Brasil de Fato, at the end of last year.

Suggested book:

Niketche - A History of Polygamy

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