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Direitos Humanos / 31/07/2020

Saudi blockade worse than holocaust, Yemen denounces

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Saudi blockade worse than holocaust, Yemen denounces

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The Saudis have maintained a strong maritime, air and land blockade against Yemen since March 2015, when the campaign of aggression by Riyadh and its allies began against the country.

The Yemeni diplomatic service through its permanent representative to the United Nations (UN) has come out to publicize once again the indignation of the people of its country against the genocide to which they are being condemned by the international imperialist coalition led by Saudi Arabia with the consent of the United Kingdom.

Diplomat Umm Kulthum Ali Baalawi denounced that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia commits an uncontrolled genocide in Yemen, through the imposition of an economic blockade with worse consequences than the crimes committed by the Nazis during World War II.

The Yemeni representative denounced on Tuesday that the campaign of aggression and blockade by Saudi Arabia and its allies is aimed at the “genocide of the Yemeni people, before whom there can be no silence”, he charged, referring to the passivity of the UN itself. .

"This measure is worse than what the Nazis committed in World War II," said the Yemeni official.

Saudi Arabia seized 22 ships carrying fuel and food to Yemen. The Saudis have maintained a strong maritime, air and land blockade against Yemen since March 2015, when the campaign of aggression by Riyadh and its allies began against the country. The blockade and incessant bombing of the 'coalition' led Yemen to a serious humanitarian crisis, worsened recently by the spread in the country of the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

Yemeni authorities criticize the UN for its complacency even though it is aware of the impact of the blockade on civilian food and public health services in the country. In fact, until now, the UN has done nothing practical to stop the conflict that punishes the entire Yemeni nation, especially children.

Ali Baalawi said that the international body does not fulfill its duties in relation to Yemen and questioned the mediating role of the United Nations special envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, in the Yemeni conflict. "Griffiths works as an envoy the UK," he said.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres announced in February 2018 the appointment of Martin Griffiths the United Kingdom as his special envoy to Yemen. Griffiths succeeded Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed of Mauritania in office.

In the latest case of prejudice denounced by Yemenis, the United Nations decided on June 15 to remove the so-called Saudi Arabian coalition its black list of countries at war that kill children and violate human rights. Yemen condemned this procedure by the UN, calling it an "indelible crime" and pointed out that the decision highlights the deep chaos that reigns in the body.

Yemenis consider Griffiths an "accomplice" and that he covers the crimes of Riyadh and his allies, who have refused to condemn the killing of Yemeni civilians as a result of the attacks and the blockade of the coalition of aggressors since March 2015.

The British Navy's role in the world's worst humanitarian disaster came after the Daily Maverick website found extensive evidence of the Royal Navy's complicity in the maritime blockade of the Saudi Arabian-led coalition in Yemen.

How the website revealed the British Navy's cooperation with the Saudi Arabian Navy, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain began in September 2015 - five months after the start of their attacks on Yemen - by encouraging them the training techniques needed to the siege of Yemen's ports.

The British Navy invited an Emirati Navy officer to Collingwood Training Camp, near Portsmouth, in the south of the United Kingdom, to receive a four-week course, instructing him in skills that could be used to block the ports of the United Kingdom. Yemen, he notes. the report.

In March 2016 - a year after the start of the war campaign - the source continues, British Navy officials gave a week-long course to train 15 Saudi sailors. A repeated practice for Emirati and Saudi Arabian personnel September 2016 to March 2017, he adds.

The “educational” sessions included teaching on techniques on how to carry out smuggling and boarding activities on merchant ships, so that the most advantageous students could carry out these maneuvers in the 'Exclusive Economic Zone' - a term that refers to the area of ​​the sea surface which extends 300 kilometers off the coast of any country that contains its fishing rights and resources - Yemen's coastal waters.

It is clear, therefore, that international entities such as the UN only serve the interests of international imperialism and Yemen is right to denounce the incompetence of the organization in the political and humanitarian dialogues necessary to stop Saudi crime in the region.

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