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Direitos Humanos / 13/02/2018

أوجار: العلاقات الجنسية الرضائية بين راشدين لا تعني المجتمع

أوجار: العلاقات الجنسية الرضائية بين راشدين لا تعني المجتمع

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أوجار: العلاقات الجنسية الرضائية بين راشدين لا تعني المجتمع

Fonte هسبيريس

Linking Mohamed Aujjar, Minister of Justice, the exercise of individual freedoms not to clash society, calling for victory "always for freedom and respect for private and personal life; because the exercise of these freedoms must not exceed public space."

Said Ujar, in this second part of his interview with Hsebres, "If the citizens' choices are the exercise of freedoms, it should not be exercised in the public space", a resource that "consensual sexual relations, for example, among adults without violence does not mean society, but must respect others in the exercise. "

With regard to the criticism that went to the judges in Morocco, the Minister of Justice recorded that the Kingdom is available on the pyramids, judicial, and women and men striving to honor Morocco and the proper implementation of the law, stressing that "if there is a bypass of the excesses, the rulers are especially punitive ones."

He highlighted Ujar lack of interaction at the level we want the presence of citizens in the fight against corruption, saying: "Citizens exaggerate the talk about corruption, and talking about in all fields; but it does not assume responsibility, because it is not enough to say that the corruption in this sector or that."

The government raised the amendments brought by the Criminal Code of the group discussions, is what is presented in the regressive rights?

Let me start emphasize that reform is complex path, especially in a country like Morocco, which penetrate the province and co-exist in which modernity and secularism and religiosity and various ideas, it is natural to be raised profound debates, and reforms that do not give rise to such discussions should be raised around questions that were actually real reforms or superficial and immediate.

What is certain is that this is a healthy and positive, and criticisms of the government must be dealt with positively, in the boom taking place in the region, especially with the emergence of political Islam and conservative currents.

On the other hand, there are deep revisions seen parties in the region, and the foundation that all of us humble ourselves without ambition for hegemony; because the most important factors of reform is to have consensus, which is what we are trying to find.

Record a positive reaction the presence of the components of society; because we are at a stage must listen to all, and we are working to measure the difference in terms of clinging to unity because the strength of Morocco is nothing after his death, for being a multi-society and penetrate diverse cultures.

So, I consider that the genius of Morocco is the co-existence and compatibility on this live .. Therefore, we demand to listen to everyone, because there are topics that many of the debates; but society needs to browning these positions so that we make the desired development .. Therefore, there must be an effort to convince the other, and this shows the public debate is acrimonious.

That debate must remain within the institutions and the expression of anger means civilized and peaceful; it can young people in the village or town to protest, this is normal; but expressions that are must be in the framework of respect for the law and not to harm the institutions.

Many jurists accuse the government of cracking down on individual freedoms in Morocco, what is your position?

Must always prevail, freedom, and respect for private and personal life, and the exercise of these freedoms must not exceed public space. If the citizens' choices are the exercise of freedoms, it should not be exercised in the public space, for example, consensual sexual relations between adults without violence in society mean? But you must respect others when exercised.

On the other hand, who wants to break the fast of Ramadan, this would with God, but it must not provoke people's feelings, and wants to exercise his freedom this would; but it must respect others .. The reading open and positive; for every right to his own life, and to do what He pleases .. only must respect others; because we are, in the end, in front of the practices do not have the consensus of the community.

Sacred freedom system, and to be exercised by all Baknaath; but we must recall the Muslim community and the governor, and respect public space.

There is a lack of satisfaction with the Moroccans in the judiciary, the reason for the lack of trust between the citizen and the judiciary?

As a government minister must call upon the Moroccans to interact positively with the reforms in the country, and can not remain in the culture of self-flagellation; often I hear a lot about the synthesis .. so should not throw away people with accusations without evidence, and the citizen demands seriousness in dealing with corruption.

With regard to judges in Morocco, the Kingdom is available on the pyramids of judicial and women and men striving to honor Morocco, and the proper implementation of the law, although there was exceeded excesses, the rulers are especially disciplinary ones; but I hope the success of this reform.

Must respect the judiciary and the prestige of the institution, because credibility is the solution .. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid lessening institutions, and to maintain the prestige of the judiciary as an urgent requirement shelter only when different citizens, and under the guidance of the King we all that our country is available on the independent judiciary.

Must therefore take care of the status of the judiciary, financially and morally and honoring judges; because this family deserves the full care of the state, to set out suspicions, and if citizens is monitoring they have the potential to make complaints.

But what strengthens it is not subject to political accountability after reports of the Supreme Council of the accounts?

I listen attentively to this criticism; but practically all the files that are referred to us the Supreme Council of the accounts were forwarded to the judiciary and take track, through legal rulers normally in our country.

After the government's inauguration, it has been talking a lot about formulas to fight corruption, and there is considerable efforts in all sectors to fight corruption, and there is a strong political will, and the principle of linking responsibility accounting has been activated the presence of the highest level after Al Hoceima events, on the orders of King he witnessed the follow-up of all ministerial and administrative positions .

The number of ministries to take disciplinary action; but there is something called the presumption of innocence, and the need for arms by law to confront the spoilers in order to be assured that we are not unfair to anyone.

Do you interact with the Moroccan government initiatives in the fight against corruption, especially after opening for reporting bribery line?

Unfortunately, there is no interaction at the level we want the presence of citizens and citizens of talk about exaggerate corruption, and talking about in all areas but does not assume responsibility, because it is not enough to say that the corruption in this sector or that.

If the request of the citizen is something outside the law, or contrary to the practices he must take the initiative to report; because the fight against corruption is a collective responsibility, not of concern to the government alone.

Justice packed to face this octopus in full respect of the rulers, and the principles of fair trial; but in Morocco speak harsh language institutions and stop when you speak, and this is what creates an atmosphere is positive, and the question is to build a country that has the capacity for attracting investments.

Record numbers of Moroccans significant enrollment in the ranks of the terrorist organizations, is the imbalance in the laws or in the culture?

This situation must be much courage and a lot of humility we face, how a peaceful society embracing Islam that centrist and morals are based on tolerance that produces extremism, and amounts to a maximum of stairs, pushes young people to join this most extreme and bloody organizations? This questioning the basic structures of society religious supervision, family and school.

In which the subject may be amplified media, but the phenomenon needs a cure holistic; it is what we are doing through the security and legal treatment. This issue needs to be all cooperate, educators, families, scientists and other stakeholders.

We must restore this young mindless, because we are a centrist society and pluralism in Morocco is able to contain all the votes; but to produce more phenomena violent and bloody, this is a must stands out all of the elite intellectual and university .. and I am happy at the initiative of reconciliation by the Delegation of Prisons in order to complete a review of thermoplastic part of this category in the prisons.

Morocco produced the experience and expertise to combat terrorism, security agencies have made great achievements and Tsudai significant roles to the world in the face of the phenomenon of terrorism; but the values ​​of collective responsibility production .. Therefore, we must take responsibility for any citizen enrolled in these bloody organizations.

The government attack mostly international reports in the field of human rights, do you feel the injustice of these categories?

We are part of this international segment and we are dealing with, international organizations and an active fundamental and influential, the institutions must be dealt with positively, especially through reports issued by, but these arrangements shock mostly Moroccans; because they indicate significant declines.

We can not pay a demagogic and populist that everything is best is fine, and declare it in a rosy; because it lacks objectivity .. On the other hand, can not say that everything is negative in Morocco and that there is a rose decline.

We are in transition to achieve many accomplishments; but by the initiatives that can be individual lead to a decline .. then, we need to mobilize internal and effort, and there is progress in some things and the decline in the other .. and when it comes to an international report is not enough to face rejection and criticism ; it must be received positively, and we resort to a rational dialogue with the body that issued and must correct the things that have been raised, so you should receive systematic review.

In contrast, the reports issued by the political vision detrimental to the report itself and the source to him, and amid all these reports and indicators say that we have achieved fundamental gains in rights and freedoms, although there are some setbacks that need a calendar and a reform to raise the gains.


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