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Direitos Humanos / 13/02/2018

"الطليعة" يندد بالتراجعات الحقوقية في المغرب

"الطليعة" يندد بالتراجعات الحقوقية في المغرب

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"الطليعة" يندد بالتراجعات الحقوقية في المغرب

The Central Committee of the Party of the Democratic Socialist Vanguard held today in Rabat, its sixth session (deceased Ahmed Benjelloun cycle), which coincides with the third anniversary of his death, under the slogan of "support and engage in the popular movement to address the policy of impoverishment and marginalization."

The Central Committee noted, in a statement reached by Hsebres, that "after the ratification of its agenda, the Ali Bootooalh, General Secretary of the party, a comprehensive report in which he addressed the analysis of what I have known our country in recent months of events and developments confirmed the worsening economic and social crisis in which the wandering of our country , large and its repercussions on the living conditions of the overwhelming majority of the masses of our people, which in the launch of a massive popular protests caused following the fall of the victims of choices officinalis in areas that suffer exclusion and marginalization in all of Al Hoceima, Essaouira and locusts. "

He said the party's official recognition of the failure of the development model contrasts with the determination to continue the same choices approach to non-democratic and non-popular imposed on our people strongly repression and falsification of the popular will, by emptying the political process of any democratic content, and control in the political field by multiplying the independence of the parties and credibility, to pay male and female citizens of contempt and stay away them until the ruling class alone in control of the power and authority remain. "

The Central Committee of the Socialist Democratic Party, the vanguard and condemned, according to the statement itself, what it called a "large and of repression, arrests and show trials and violation of public freedoms and human rights declines." Also calls for "putting an end to the series of arrests, the release of all detainees against the background of the movement, and stop prosecutions against activists and militants, and revoke the sentences of Mnadilina Beni Mellal simply support the legitimate demands of protesters in the marginalization and exclusion zones."

The statement "the feet of the government to support the private education sector while seeking to strike a free public education through the law framework that will be passed, exposes clearly the class and right-wing tendencies aimed at the interests of the class minority prevailing service at the expense of the vital interests of the overwhelming majority of the people Moroccan. "

The Central Committee called on all forces to "fully engage in social struggles in the horizon of development of a broad front for the struggle, for a genuine democratic transition puts an end to the control system of corruption and tyranny and building a state of law on the foundations of freedom, democracy and social justice," according to the statement.

The Central Committee recorded a "continuing globalization crisis, the liberal repercussions severe on the situation of peoples in the north and the south. Also condemned the" unprecedented escalation of US imperialism to harm the interests of developing nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America, "a renewed party support for" the struggle of the heroic Palestinian people in the face of a conspiracy alliance Zionist imperialist reactionary efforts to liquidate the Palestinian cause and to recover the usurped rights and build an independent national state with Jerusalem as its capital, and condemns all forms of normalization with the Zionist entity. "

The statement said that the Central Committee deplores "the continuation of the imperialist attack reactionary states and peoples, in an attempt to divide the nations and fragmenting all of Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and turn them into failed states to plunder its resources and appreciates the Arab Progressive Front initiatives to rebuild the Arab liberation movement."

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