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Esportes e Lazer / 09/02/2018

الألعاب الأولمبية الشتوية 2018 تفرض تقاربا هشا بين الكوريتين

الألعاب الأولمبية الشتوية 2018 تفرض تقاربا هشا بين الكوريتين

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الألعاب الأولمبية الشتوية 2018 تفرض تقاربا هشا بين الكوريتين

The opening of the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang ceremony witnessed a historic handshake between South Korean President Moon Jae The sister of North Korean leader Kim Yu-jung, the first member of the royal family to visit the South since the end of the Korean War in 1953, the scene was not a few weeks ago and improbable.

Kim met South Korean President upon arrival at the opening ceremony, took place between them and exchanged a quick handshake with smiles.

Although the verb form is obvious, but the content holds exceptional dimensions, due to the geopolitical situation in the region.

And replaced Kim Yu-jung within the North Korean delegation participated in a high-level Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, impressed by the South Korean president "peace games".

This culminated in the visit, which will last three days, which is facilitated by the convergence of the Olympic Games between the two countries, after two years of acute stress because of the North's nuclear and ballistic programs.

He was the founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, Kim's grandfather, another member of the North Korean ruling family up to Seoul, having fallen in the hands of his forces in 1950.

He met with South Korean President Korean President Kim Yong Nam Friday, and shook hands at a reception for the leaders before the opening of the Olympic Winter Games in the South ceremony.

According to the protocol, the North Korean delegation is headed by the Honorary President of the country, Kim Yong Nam, the highest official in the system to visit the territory of the south.

The two Koreas marched together athletes behind the blue flag of unity and white at the opening ceremony.

Koreans together

Nevertheless, the balance remains fragile, before an hour of the start of the opening ceremony of the games is absent Vice President, Mike Pence, for a gala dinner brings together presidents Koreans, after reports indicated received an invitation.

Television footage of the planned demonstration seats showed that penny seat meets Korean President North seat at the reception, but the spokesman for the South Korean presidency said that a penny arrived late "and exchanged greetings with those who sit at the main table and left without sitting at the table."

However, the eyes are the sister of North Korean leader enjoyed an increasingly influential in her country, in October enabled it to join the ruling party's political bureau.

The family controls North Korea's founder Kim Il-Sung, the country with an iron fist for nearly 70 years.

Analysts believe that Kim will transfer a message the North Korean leader to the South Korean Moon Jae-President.

Military parade

وارتفع منسوب التوتر في المنطقة العام الماضي بعد إجراء كوريا الشمالية تجربة نووية سادسة، هي الأكبر في تاريخها، وإطلاقها صواريخ بالستية عابرة للقارات، بعضها قادر على الوصول إلى البر الأمريكي.

وتبادل الزعيم الكوري الشمالي والرئيس الأميركي دونالد ترامب الشتائم الشخصية والتهديدات، ما أجج المخاوف من تجدد النزاع في شبه الجزيرة الكورية

إلا أن كيم أعلن، وبشكل مفاجئ في خطاب رأس السنة، أنه سيرسل رياضيين ووفدا رفيع المستوى إلى الألعاب الأولمبية الشتوية في بيونغ تشانغ، ما ساهم في تحريك المحادثات المجمدة.

ورأى محللون في ذلك محاولة لنزع فتيل التوتر.

إلا أن أصواتا معارضة علت في الجنوب، حيث اتهم البعض سيول بتقديم الكثير من التنازلات للشمال الذي نظم الخميس عرضا عسكريا في بيونغ يانغ يستعرض فيه قوته العسكرية.

As well as activists accused the conservatives of Pyongyang to "hijack" the Winter Olympic Games, and staged demonstrations in protest during which they burned pictures of North Korean leader and the flag north near the abouts of the members of the North Korean delegation.

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