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Natureza e Meio Ambiente / 03/07/2020

8 documentaries that will make you rethink the food you put on your plate

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8 documentaries that will make you rethink the food you put on your plate


Considering the impact of food production in the world and questions about the incessant search for productivity, profit and the defense of the interests of large industries, understanding what is behind the theme is essential to accompany current discussions. With that in mind, we have separated eight documentaries that promote reflection on the way we relate to food, its production to the time of consumption. Check out:

1 - Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

Direction: Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn | Executive production: Leonardo DiCaprio

Livestock can be considered one of the most destructive industries on the planet. It is responsible for the emission of more gases that cause the greenhouse effect than the transport industry and generates intense destruction of the soil's natural resources. The documentary shows the discovery of the truths about livestock and the fear of environmental organizations to talk about the subject.

2 - What the health (2017)

Director: Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn

What the Health investigates the relationships between the pharmaceutical and food industry, and how it affects government decisions. With this, the documentary focuses on how the consumption of food of animal origin can be related to a series of diseases.

3 - Food Inc. (2009)

Oscar nominated for best documentary in 2010, Food Inc. criticizes the consumption and production of food. Profit and productivity at any cost, mistreatment of animals in favor of the food industry, impacts of processed foods on the human body, fast-food culture and population health are some of the topics covered.

4 - Fed Up (2014)

Direction: Stephanie Soechtig | Screenplay: Stephanie Soechtig and Mark Monroe

Fed Up is a documentary that focuses on the problems associated with obesity and how much the industry interferes with this condition. In addition to questioning the excessive consumption of sugar, the work criticizes the quantity of the product that is put in processed foods and the lack of positioning of the governments in relation to this, as it is something that affects the entire population.

The documentary comes to present specific cases, such as the reduction of the budget for food in schools imposed by the American government in the 1980s. This allowed fast-food chains to gain space and influence the rates of obesity and diabetes in children.

5 - GMO OMG: Genetically Modified | OMG Organisme modificat genèticament (2013)

GMO OMG is a documentary about Food and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and the “truth” about the food industry. Created by Jeremy Seifert, a father who chronicles on a mission to discover the “truth” about genetically modified foods, such as the loss of seed diversity and the laboratories that carry out genetic changes in foods can affect his young children, the health of the planet and our freedom of choice every.

6 - GMO - The whole truth | GMO - Mensonges et vérités (2015)

Direction: Frédéric Castaignède | Screenplay: Frédéric Castaignède and Aline Richard

A crucial debate for the future food world and for the preservation of public health and the environment. In the last twenty years, the production of Genetically Modified Organisms has been expanding on the planet. The objective is to improve production yields. Around the world, citizens are concerned about risks, not only for health, but also for the environment, for farmers and denounce the influence of seeds and pesticides. For some, a catastrophe predicted for others, progress. After all, what is the truth about Genetically Modified Organisms?

7- Cooked (2016)

Created: Alex Gibney | Producers: Alex Gibney and Michael Pollan

Produced by Netflix, Cooked is a documentary series divided into four chapters that seeks to show the impact of food on the cultures of our society and how cooking can transform the world. The work is presented by journalist Michael Pollan, known for his activism in the area of food and for his books on the food chain. Throughout the documentary, he stresses the importance of people preparing their own food and avoiding consuming industrialized products. For this, Pollan uses the four elements (water, fire, earth, air) as the guiding thread of the series.

8 - Food Matters (2008)

Direction: James Colquhoun and Carlo Ledesma | Screenplay: Laurentine Ten Bosch and James Colquhoun

The film confronts traditional medicine with orthomolecular, medicine based on nutrition. It shows how wrong our way of treating diseases is. The film also shows the vicious cycle of extensive agriculture, which destroys soil nutrients, forming plants more fragile to pest attacks, which ends up leading to the application of pesticides, which contaminate them, which end up poisoning those who eat them, which will become weaker and will seek medicines. The loss of nutrients due to the aging of food through transportation and the very lack of minerals in the soil and the cooking process of this food, which ends up with the essential elements for life, contributes even more to this terrible nutritional situation.

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