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Política Internacional / 01/08/2020

Bolivians protest in the streets against postponing elections

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Bolivians protest in the streets against postponing elections

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After the overthrow of the government of Evo Morales and the subsequent rise of the coup d'etat Jeanine Añez, the masses have increasingly expressed themselves around the revolt against the regime

Tensions are rising in Bolivia. After the overthrow of the government of Evo Morales and the subsequent rise of the coup d'etat Jeanine Añez, the fate of the masses has been increasingly expressed around the revolt against the regime. It is no longer the first time that the coup government of Añez maneuvers to postpone the elections; after all - the government's conduct is in complete opposition to popular demands.

The message had already been given: if fascist Añez and her clique tried to manipulate the elections, the coup would experience the ire of the people. Juan Carlos Huarachi, executive secretary of Central Obrera Boliviana (COB), proclaimed on Tuesday, 28, the immediate start of an indefinite strike. Agreed for September 6, elections may not be guaranteed if it depends on the coup government.

Adriana Salvatierra (Movement to Socialism - MAS), a senator who was also pressured to leave the government and pave the way for Anẽz's fascist policy and her gang of mercenaries, denounced the coup's maneuver and opposed the postponement. Defined by an “illegal and arbitrary” action by the Electoral Court - in Salvatierra's words, the national elections will move to October 18th - neglecting the agreement previously signed. This maneuver of the coup government of Añez seeks to buy time, since the transience of his government won a long time ago, which, invariably, would require the holding of elections in the first half of this year.

As is already known, it would be a pure illusion to believe in institutional methods. Bolivian workers, for their part, point out that the demonstrations include a hunger strike, strike and road blockade. As soon as the strike was declared, protesters tried to block the highway in the El Alto sector that communicates with La Paz. The process is already underway and marches are taking place in the departments of La Paz and Cochabamba. Showing that the path of fighting the coup is on the streets, women's organizations march 8 am (local time), on Avenida 6 de Agosto and Panamericana, in the Cochabamba region. Everything indicates that this would be the beginning of tougher confrontations against the coup regime. The moment demands a great organization of the workers, which follows through several meetings and marches in Bolivia, in response to the call made by the COB. In the words of Juan Carlos Huarachi, "El Alto is more than united and joins the call of the COB to defend health, life and democracy". The coup leaders wasted no time, and the Minister of the Presidency, Yerko Núñez, showed what the extreme right is. Núñez asked the Public Ministry to take legal action against the people who promoted the march, including the senior leadership of MAS, under the pretext that they were committing “crimes against public health”.

As in Brazil, the extreme right is literally screwing up for the population. While the pandemic orders coffins, the government pays the undertaker. In the aid queue, the capitalists loot the cashiers and leave the coins to the population. This situation, however, can happen in Brazil, and this highlights a crucial factor for the left: there is no point in having a policy geared towards elections. This year, even the elections should be more anti-democratic than in the dictatorship, as they will use the pandemic as a pretext to prevent the left running any type of campaign.

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