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Religião e Espiritualidade / 27/07/2020

Understand the difference between religiosity and spirituality

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Understand the difference between religiosity and spirituality

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Religion or spirituality? The first thing we need to take into account before we reflect on this is that the terms, the words, change their meaning over time and according to the culture in which you live. The word religion comes the Latin word religare, which means to reconnect with the divine. However, over time, religions have become institutions with their own rules and function today as a formal organization.

Thus, nowadays, in common sense, when we talk about religion we are referring to institutions and not to the act of reconnecting to the divine (as the original word suggests). Spirituality has its meaning in common sense as the act of taking care of the things of the spirit. Therefore, it can be associated with several practices that are not necessarily linked to any religion.

So are you a religious person, spiritual or both?

If you can connect with the divine within you when you attend a religion, you can identify with both terms. If you don't have that connection and you attend a religion more for social or political reasons, maybe you can consider yourself religious. And, if you connect with the divine without being connected to any religion, you can consider yourself a spiritual person.

But, regardless of terms, the important thing is to be aware of what you want for yourself. There is no such thing as right and wrong, and we should not use terms to discriminate people one or another stream of thought. All the great leaders who started the great religions of the world taught the importance of love. And that is what matters most.

What has been happening in recent years is an increase in people who seek spirituality, but who do not like to connect with a formal religious institution. If you are one of those people, feel free to connect with the divine in whatever way is best for you. The divine is every. For example: a mathematician who spends hours, without seeing time pass, immersed in an equation that is difficult to solve is in contact with the divine who lives within him. Or imagine a surfer who feels connected to the sea and doesn't think of anything else when he catches a wave he is also connected to the divine in his way. That is, if the divine resides within you, you can find it in the way that most stimulates you. Don't stick to the rules!

If you are a person who likes to attend some religion and it connects you to the divine and makes you feel spirituality, this is great too! Sometimes being in groups with the same purpose can help to feel the emotion and spirituality intensely as well. The important thing is that it is true.

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