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Religião e Espiritualidade / 13/08/2020

The 10 commandments of the Prophet Kindness

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The 10 commandments of the Prophet Kindness


José Datrino, better known as Prophet Gentileza (Cafelândia, April 11, 1917 - Mirandópolis, May 29, 1996), was an urban personality Rio de Janeiro, a kind of preacher, who became known for making peculiar inscriptions on the pilasters of the Gasometer Viaduct . He walked through the Central Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro with a white tunic and a long beard.

“‘ Kindness breeds kindness ’” is his best known phrase. ”

With more than eleven years old he had a very hard childhood, in which he dealt directly with the land and animals. To help the family, he pulled a cart selling firewood nearby. The camp taught him how to tame donkeys to transport cargo. Later, as a prophet Gentileza, he said “tamer of the donkeys in the city who had no clarification”.

Since his childhood, José Datrino had an unusual behavior. Around the age of thirteen, he began to have premonitions about his mission on earth, in which he believed that one day, after forming a family, children and goods, he would leave everything to his mission. This behavior caused concern in his parents, who came to suspect that their son suffered some kind of madness, even seeking help spiritual healers.

On December 17, 1961, the North American Gran Circus Tragedy took place, considered one of the greatest fatalities in the entire circus world. [4] This fire killed more than 500 people, most of them children. On Christmas Eve, six days after the event, José woke up claiming to have heard “astral voices”, in his own words, that told him to abandon the material world and dedicate himself only to the spiritual world. The Prophet took one of his trucks and went to the fire site today is the Military Polyclinic of Niterói. He planted a garden and vegetable garden on the ashes of the circus in Niterói, a place that once was the scene of so many joys, but also a lot of sadness. That was his home for four years. There, José Datrino instilled in people the regal sense of the words Grateful and Kindness. He was a voluntary comforter, who comforted the relatives of the victims of the tragedy with his kind words. that day on, it was called “José Graçasido”, or “Profeta Gentileza”

After leaving the place that was called “Paraíso Gentileza”, the prophet Gentileza began his journey as a wanderer character. 1970, he traveled throughout the city. He was seen on streets, squares, on ferries crossing between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, on trains and buses, preaching and taking words of love, kindness and respect for others and nature to everyone who crossed his path. To those who called him crazy, he replied: - "I'm crazy to love you and crazy to save you".

The murals

Since 1980, it has chosen 56 pilasters the Viametro do Gasômetro, which goes the Cemitério do Caju to the Rio de Janeiro Bus Terminal, in an extension of approximately 1.5 km. He filled the pilasters with yellow-green inscriptions proposing his critique of the world and his alternative to the malaise of civilization.

During Eco-92, the Prophet Gentileza strategically placed himself in the place the representatives of the peoples passed and urged them to live the kindness and to apply kindness throughout the Earth.

As of 2000, the murals were listed by the protection agencies of the city of Rio de Janeiro, however in 2016 they suffered acts of vandalism.

The 10 commandments of the Prophet Kindness

1. Kindness breeds kindness.

2. It is never too late for kindness, because you never know when it will be too late.

3. Whoever did not come to serve does not serve to live, he must disappear.

4. Money is the root of all evil, the plant of all unhappiness.

5. The devil is capital, which sells everything and destroys everything.

6. Kindness is like the child within us, just let it exist.

7. A true friend is able to listen without criticism; is able to give without anyone noticing; Friendship does not charge, does not impose, does not demand, it simply exists.

8. Everyone has some talent that can be exploited in some way. Just look at what these people are good at.

9. Kindness begins to be practiced at home, allowing our children to jump and be innocent. The child has to be a child!

10. How to be happy at work? Loving. How to be a complete person? Working. How to achieve fullness? Being kind.

Kindness was already a very old man in 94 (he died in 96), who addressed passersby with flowers in one hand and with a tablet of sayings in the manner of Moses with his ten commandments in the other. So he also once approached the window of the singer brazialian Marisa Monte's car: “He didn't ask, he offered his word, he was a very interesting figure”. Marisa even wrote a song called Gentileza.

The lyrics of the song narrate the darkest episode for the followers of the Prophet Gentileza. Once dead, the city of Rio de Janeiro decided that the teachings of the 56 pillars of the viaduct painted by Gentileza were useless. The mile and a half of concrete pages full of phrases had been covered in gray paint. This awkward urban intervention marked the beginning of the Prophet's true fame. An artistic movement restored the paintings and led them to the city's declared heritage in 2000.

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