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Religião e Espiritualidade / 04/01/2021

New series - Did Jesus rise the dead? Part 3

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New series - Did Jesus rise the dead? Part 3


Part 3

Something happened

But it was not the end. The Jesus movement has not disappeared (obviously) and, in fact, today Christianity is the main religion in the world. So, we have to know what happened after Jesus' body was taken the cross and placed in a grave.

In a New York Times article, Peter Steinfels mentions the impressive events that occurred three days after Jesus 'death: “Shortly after Jesus' execution, his followers were suddenly revived, moving a confused and frightened group to people whose central message was about a living Jesus and a coming kingdom, putting his own life at risk and changing, over time, an entire empire. Something happened. … But exactly what? ” That is the question we have to answer with an investigation of the facts.

There are only five plausible explanations for Jesus' alleged resurrection, as described in the New Testament:

1. Jesus did not really die on the cross.

2. The "resurrection" was a conspiracy.

3. The disciples hallucinated.

4. The story is a legend.

5. It really happened.

We will now detail each of these options and see which one best fits the facts.

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