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Religião e Espiritualidade / 09/02/2018

تقرير يرصد تدني الأمازيغية وارتفاع الدين في الإصدارات المغربية

تقرير يرصد تدني الأمازيغية وارتفاع الدين في الإصدارات المغربية

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تقرير يرصد تدني الأمازيغية وارتفاع الدين في الإصدارات المغربية

Monitoring of the annual report on "the status of the book publishing" in Morocco, issued by King Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud Foundation for Islamic Studies and Humanities, for the season 2016/2017, slowing production in Tamazight, compared to higher versions in Arabic, and the trend observed in the local production of religious books.

The report, which concerns the areas of "literature, humanities and social sciences" reported that the Moroccan publishing toll reached during the annual period last amounted to 3833 document, an increase of 16% compared with its predecessor, noting that since February 2015 known as the Moroccan publication and the pace of rising growth, "and formed Arab publications the bulk of it by 76.91%. "

Said King Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud Foundation for Islamic Studies and Humanities, which opened its doors in July 1985, said that the series of Arabization of the Moroccan publishing sector continues and devotes clearly registered that the Arabic language is present at 80.82%, followed by French B16.02% (427 titles), Amazigh then 1.95% (not exceeding 66 titles), English is 0.7% and 0.51% Spanish.

The report noted that the Arabization of culture and publishing sector in Morocco "established clearly," explaining that the other side of the growing presence of the language daad appears in the "decline of Moroccan publications in French compared with the strength of its presence during the three decades after independence," adding that the Arabic language "is witnessing a presence growing steadily in the publishing field in Morocco since the mid-eighties of the twentieth century. "

The report argues that this fact went he did not ever rooted by "widening educated base and the increasing number of university students in the literary, social and humanitarian disciplines that underwent Arabization taught in the mid-seventies."

With regard to the Amazigh, publications known as slowing growth, according to the same document, with only 66 books have been issued during 2016/2017 by 2.25% of the total Moroccan publishing. The literary creativity polarizer field of Amazigh writing B61 ​​title, of the Amazigh production proceeds, distributed poetry (28 titles), collections of short stories with 19 titles, along with novels and texts of theatrical and literary Misc.

The report noted that the literary writing is characterized by modern Amazigh using different local versions of the HCA, so dominated "Tahalahat" on the overall publication production with 41 titles, followed by "Tarifit" title with 14, and then dialect Tamazight addresses by 4, as well as addresses mixed accents.

On the publication of the religious book in Morocco, the report said that Morocco was to the end of the past century borders "depends mainly on the import of the religious book of the Levant, especially Lebanon and Egypt, major exist publishing houses specializing in Islamic religious heritage", and added: "knew this area a fundamental turning point when the publication of the religious book turned into a political, cultural and ideological bet to face the consequences of the rise of religious sensitivity and social and political forces, and the growing threat of religious extremism. "

Following this, the report stopped at the rapid growth of local publishing religious books and Islamic Studies, as the number of books published in this cognitive domain reached during the last season, 271 religious books, are distributed according to several axes, including, Jurisprudence (Fiqh al-Maliki and stalactites jurisprudence in Morocco) and mysticism and Qur'anic studies and biography prophetic Studies Alhdithip, and studies on the problems of modern life an Islamic perspective.

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